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The model ND is a single-stage, self venting centrifugal process pump for chemical, industrial, and petrochemical general services
- Flows to 1,761gpm (400m³/hr)
- Heads to 492ft (150m)
- Temperature: -58° to 482°F (-50° to 250°C)

The SMK pump series are end-suction, centerline mounted, radial split, overhung horizontal single and double volute centrifugal pumps. SMK OH2 Type pumps are fully API-610 10 edition and ISO 13709 compliant.
- Flows to 7,000gpm (1600m³/hr)
- Heads to 1200ft (360m)
- Temperature: -238 to 842°F (-150 to 450°C)

Designed for Heavy API-610, BB1 applications, the PDH-LH pump features an axially split case with a single or double suction impeller.
- Flows to 27,298gpm (6,200m3/hr)
- Heads to 525ft (160m)
- Temperatures up to 302°F (150°C)

The FG vertical multistage, radially split case, submersible centrifugal process pumps are API-610, 10th edition compliant.
- Flows to 13,209gpm (3,000m³/hr)
- Heads to 656ft (200m)
- Temperature: -22° to 482°F (-30° to 250°C)
- Power: 1,341hp (1,000kW)

The KMLF is a non-metallic, magnet drive centrifugal pump.
The KMLF is ideal for Low Flow corrosive or acidic applications in the Chemical, Specialty Chemical, and Steel industries.
- Flows to: 40 GPM (9 m³/hr)
- TDH: 170 Ft. (52m)

The P-1500 is a gear driven centrifugal pump. For general industry and non-API services, the P-1500 is built strong to stay up and running.
- Flows to 33 gpm (7.5 m³/hr)
- Heads to 1,300 ft (396 m)